Asphalt fibres

Cellulose fibres for road construction

Cellulose fibres for road construction: Arbocel loose fibres and Viatop granulated fibres are used to stabilize the asphalt mix, to improve the workability and homogenity of the asphalt mix and also to decrease segregation.

Gilsonite natural bitumen

Gilsonite natural bitumen is the easiest way to prevent deformation caused by heavy traffic. It is used both in paving and in the binder course. It is an efficient stiffener and viscosity increaser. Gilsonite's high asphaltene content increases the heat resistance and mechanical and chemical water resistance of the paving. It is commonly used at heavy duty roads, bus lanes and stops, crossings, bridge decks, airports, terminals, parking areas and other areas with slow and heavy traffic.


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Cidex glassfibre grids 

Cidex glassfibre grids are used on roads and bicycle paths as reinforcement against cracking and frost damages, to improve the bearing capacity of the road, to prevent formation of wheel tracks, to repair damages caused by heavy traffic and to prolong the life cycle of the road. 

Cidex binds effectively the old and the new asphalt layer together by a special Heat-Sealing film. The hot asphalt mix melts the Heat-Sealing film and it glues the layers together. This will provide a good bond between the layers and no separation will arise.The end result is durable, compact and long lasting paving.

Tienrakennus Cidex lasikuituverkkoTienrakennus Cidex lasikuituverkkoTienrakennus työmaaTienrakennus lehti maassaTienrakennus Cidex lasikuituverkkoTienrakennus tie

BioTec-asphalt removers

BioTec-asphalt removers and anti-sticking agents for removal and cleaning of asphalt from the machinery and equipment. Liquid BIO-products are based on vegetable oils and are completely biodegradable and safe to use.

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aspha-min® is fineparticle synthetic Zeolite used for lowering the mixing and applying temperature of asphalt mixes. This way you achieve energy savings and evaporation of fumes (VOC emissions) and aerosols is significantly lowered. 


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Adhesion promoters

Adhesion promoters are added to the bitumen for improving its bind and adhesive performances to guarantee a perfect adhesion between bitumen and aggregates, a major resistance against deformation and a higher flexibility on use.

Recycling agents

Indispensable additives when partial or total recycle of the milled material is required for the new road pavements realisation. Besides improving the adhesion between bitumen and aggregates , they reduce the rigidity of the bituminous conglomerates made of high percentage of milled material.

Special applications and antisticking agents

E.g. additives destined to avoid the adhesion of the bituminous conglomerates on the metallic surfaces of the trucks, rollers and pavers.