Raw materials and reinforcement products for the asphalt industry

Road construction


Widest range of cellulose fibres: VIATOP, VIATOP plus ja ARBOCEL


Manufactured by combining cellulose fiber and bitumen in a carefully controlled production process.
High quality and homogeneous pellets

  • Hard enough to withstand the asphalt production process, still soft enough to dissolve in the mixer.
  • Bitumen in the pellet insulates the fibers from each other and makes rapid melting of the pellet into the asphalt mass possible.
  • Bitumen improves mechanical and moisture resistance of the product during the storage.
  • No dry mixing time is required as with loose fibers and bitumen-free pellets.
  • Saves time, increases the production capacity and decreases the equipment wear.
Viatop Premium


  • 90 % cellulose fiber and 10 % bitumen
  • Reliable, highly efficient and durable fiber pellet for asphalt mixes with a high binder content
Viatop 66


  • 66,6% cellulose fiber and 33,3% bitumen
  • Reliable, highly efficient and durable fiber pellet for asphalt mixes with a high binder content.
  • Particularly suitable for use in drum mixers.
Viatop plus FEP


  • 20% cellulose fiber and 80% functional elastomer
  • Flexible and easy modification of asphalt mass
  • For production of polymer modified mass directly at the asphalt plant
  • Can be dosed directly to the asphalt mixer.
  • No additional containers needed for the asphalt binder.
Viatop AD10

VIATOP®plus AD 10

  • 83% cellulose fiber, 10% bitumen and 7% adhesion promoter
  • Inproves adhesion between bitumen and aggregates.
  • Better long-term durability.
Viatop Plus RC


  • Not just a softener but a real rejuvenator.
  • Made from natural raw materials. A green product.
  • Very effective. Makes more recycling of the asphalt possible.
  • Cost effective
  • Solid. No storage tanks required. Better occupational safety. No splashing. No waste.
  • Can be dispensed through the fiber feeder or directly into the mixer.  
Viatop plus C25

VIATOP®plus C 25

  • 25 – 75% cellulose fiber and 25% Fischer-Tropsch-vax.
  • Enables compaction of the mass at lower temperatures. Reduced viscosity.
  • Better workability, especially when applied manually.
Viatop plus CT40

VIATOP®plus CT 40

  • 60% cellulose fiber and 40% Fischer-Tropsch-vax
  • Improves workability and compaction of the mass.
  • Improves deformation resistance
  • Enables production in lower temperatures.  
Arbocel ZG

ARBOCEL® ZG 8/1 – granulated cellulose fibre

  • Reliable, highly efficient slightly compressed fiber.
  • Improves production efficiency.

GILSONITE natural bitumen

  • the easiest way to prevent deformation caused by a heavy traffic
  • an efficient stiffener
  • increases the heat resistance and mechanical and chemical water resistance of the paving
  • is used both in paving and in the binder course.

Gilsonite is easy to use. It is a powder packed in 9 to 15 kg bags or big bags.
Bags can be added directly to the asphalt mixer together with the hot aggregate and before the bitumen.

Applications include busy streets, bus lanes and stops, intersections, bridge decks, harbours, airports, terminals, parking areas and other slow and heavy traffic areas.

tienrakennus gilsonite


 CIDEX glass fibre grids are used on roads and bicycle paths

  • to improve the bearing capacity of the road
  • as reinforcement against cracking and frost damages
  • to prevent formation of wheel tracks
  • to repair damages caused by a heavy traffic
  • to prolong the life cycle of the road
  • when building new roads, repairing and widening old roads

Cidex glass fibers are coated with a special heat-resistant resin that strengthens the joints of the grid and makes them resistant to the abrasion of aggregates. Every wire and fabric junction in the grid is protected and reinforced.

Why glass fibre?
Elastic coefficients of different raw materials:
Glass fibre               70 000 MPa
Polyester fibre          5 000 – 15 000 Mpa
Polypropylen fibre    2 000 –   4 000 Mpa
Asphalt mix             5 000 – 10 000 MPa


Asphalt removers and anti-sticking agents

BIO 3010

For anti-sticking, cleaning and removal of asphalt and bitumen from the machinery, equipment and trucks.
100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel and fuel oil.

Protects equipment and tools efficiently. Improves safety at work. A minimal fraction of VOC even at high temperatures.
Based on biodegradable natural plant oil esters. Do not contain any petroleum-based solvents.  

Packaging: 20 L canister, 200 L barrel and 1000 L IBC container


Liquid and pelletized adhesion promoters for improving adhesion between bitumen and aggregates.

Silane based odorless adhesion promoter – also for low-temperature asphalts

  • Improves adhesion
  • Allows lower temperatures
  • Allows very good compaction even in colder conditions
  • Allows longer delivery and transport times
  • Also works in recycle masses (RAP) and high recycle rates.
  • Is environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic and odorless.
  • Very small doses are needed
  • Good salt tolerance
  • Also works with polyphosphoric acid, styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) and rubber grit
  • Works with all types of aggregates


Recycling agents

Indispensable additives when partial or total recycle of the milled material is required for the new road pavements realisation. Besides improving the adhesion between bitumen and aggregates, they reduce the rigidity of the bituminous conglomerates made of high percentage of milled material.

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